Danzhao, Nanhai, Guangdong, China

Foshan Nuowei Sanitary Products Co Ltd

Nuowei Sanitary Products company Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing high quality, safe, healthy and comfortable sanitary products for women and girls.  Our major products being ladies sanitary napkin, ladies napkin, ladies pad, and panty liner (pantyliner). We have rich experience of 13 years.  Our Factories are equipped with latest advanced automatic machinery and completely dust free production environment. We are specialized in OEM , ODM, contract manufacturing and customization. All our products meet standards of FDA, GOTS, CE, ISO 9001, SGS, ITS, MSDS etc. Up to day we have been doing more than 180 private labels for 80 countries globally.

International Quality Materials
All rawmaterials used in the production process of ladies sanitary napkin are sourced from International manufacturers such as Henkel (Germany), Sumitomo (Japan), Weyerhaeuser (USA), 3M (USA)
Advanced Machinery
Our Ladies sanitary napkin making machines are European standards and can produce highest quality with accurate and consistent product for every order. This ensures ultimate user satisfaction.
Innovative Research and Development
We have a rich experience of over 23 years in raw materials, machinery, production and marketing of Ladies sanitary napkins. We continuously research and develop latest products.
Product Features

We achieve high quality and standards by procuring high quality materials, sanitized material inflow, 100% dust free environment, fully automatized  production lines, high speed computerized inspection system to provide our customers with the best, hygienic, safe and comfortable products.

High Quality Materials
Quality raw materials result in quality Ladies sanitary napkin. We have very close association with all International suppliers. All materials used are sanitized, tested and approved before being used for production. Due to high speed production process the production lines cant use non confirming materials.
Advance Production Process
Our Ladies sanitary napkin making process involves high level automation and customization to achive 800 pcs per minute production and artificial intelligence based quality control results in 100% quality products. Thus we can ensure that we are one of the best supplier of Sanitary Napkins in China.
Strict Quality Control
Since human quality control can result in redundancy and overlooking. We have invested heavily on automated quality control process which ensures 100% accuracy and defect free products. All goods are checked for performance and conformity. Most Ladies sanitary napkins produced surpass expected shelf life.
From choice of rawmaterials to packing and branding we have access to various sources. Wide range and versatile eqipment to handle any kind of cusomer requirments. We can supply any kind of high quality customised ladies sanitary napkin as per customers market requirments and specifications.
Our Speciality
Mini & PantyLiners
A pantyliner is an absorbent piece Ladies sanitary napkin used for feminine hygiene. The major function being absorbency for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, tampon and menstrual cup backup, spotting, post-intercourse discharge, and urinary incontinence.
Day Time Pads
Day use pads or day time sanitary napkins are thin and smaller in size with less absorbency. These kind of sanitary napkins or designed to protect for 3 to 4 hours of normal use. The advantages being, mobility, comfort and protection for day time use. Most Suitable for regular body shape and size
Night Time Pads
Night Use Sanitary pads or napkins are designed for higher absorbency and protect for a longer period of use. generally 8 hours of sleep. The back portion of the napkin is longer to precent leakage from the back and may have extra protection to prevent infection.
Extra Protection Pads
Extra long Sanitary napkins are designed for women with high discharge and longer usage time, where change of pad is inconvenient or the person has larger body shape. Such pads may have special wings and added protection to prevent leakage. It is designed to absorb and retain more fluid.

Why choose us ?

The key to our success is that we embrace working with the customer, understand their product and market strategy. Design, produce and supply products that achieve wide market acceptance and generate profit to our customer and comfort to the end user. Some reason as to why you should choose to work with us.

Excellent Know How

Rome was not built in a day and so are we. Along with our growth, we have also gathered a great amount and variety of knowledge and experience. This know-how has always kept as apart from out competition and you will never face any issue that don’t have an solution

13 Years Experience

We have 23 years of experience handling raw material , 13 years in production of Ladies sanitary napkins and 10 years of marketing experience and we have cooperated with various customers ranging from International Brands to multi-level marketing companies at home and abroad.

Unlimited Customisation

Ladies Sanitary napkin though looks simple, it is a complicated process with a combination of various materials and have a deep impact on the health and comfort of the user. Our relationship with various material suppliers has an advantage to customise any part of the sanitary napkin.

Advanced Technology

Technological advancement has been always part of our vision and we have close collaboration with material suppliers and equipment manufacturer to produce, and serve over a wide range of products and markets. Our technical team has been well trained and experienced.

International Standards

Our products has been tested verified and certified over and again by various reputed agencies all over the world and out factory can produce goods which can adhere to various quality and health standards such as FDA, GOTS, CE, ISO 9001, SGS, ITS, MSDS etc. We are sure to meet your expectations.


We offer wide range of OEM and ODM options. Our in-house design, consultancy and technical team can provide you various services to achieve not only quality products but also products that will be widely welcomed in the market and accepted in the market to generate more profit to you.


Both our factories put together have over 27000 square meter of factory space and 28000 square meter of office and living space. The total Production Capacity of our factory is about 9 million pcs per month.

We are equipped with 13 High Speed Machines producing 800 pcs per minute each. Thus ensuring very short production lead time and simultaneous production of various types of Sanitary napkins to achieve timely delivery

Along with various types of raw materials We also have die and moulds for various designs and kinds of sanitary napkins thus ensuring we can produce variety of products for various kinds or requirements, markets and body shapes.

We only use high quality and well established international brand raw materials in the production of all sanitary napkins thus ensuring quality and consistency. All materials are sanitised and tested before entering production facility

We minimise defects by using quality materials and equipment and further to ensure quality, the entire quality control process is automated based on artificial intelligence along with human reconfirmation and laboratory testing.

All our customers have worked with us over 10 years and grown with us as a major supplier of Ladies Sanitary Napkin in their respective countries. Including our local brands, Kamu, Aimu and Chinqu are well accepted in Chinese market.