155mm Pantyliners

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A pantyliner, also called pantiliner or panty liner or panty shield, vaginal cover, is an absorbent piece of material used for feminine hygiene. It is worn in the gusset of a woman’s panties. Pantyliner are used for absorbing daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, spotting, post-intercourse discharge, and urinary incontinence. Panty liners can also help with girls who are having discharges and about to start their cycle. Pantyliners are related to sanitary napkins in their basic construction – but are usually much thinner and often narrower than pads. As a result, they absorb much less liquid than pads – making them ideal for light discharge and everyday cleanliness. They are generally unsuitable for the menstruation medium to heavy flow, which requires them to be changed more often.

Normally pantyliners are 155mm in length. Pantyliners normally don’t have wings